Week 3: Six Tips for Successful Networking

The first tip is asking information about the company, not for a job. It definitely puts the people involved in a very weird or awkward situation. You just need to gather information first. I also think you don’t need to sound too desperate, regardless of your situation. If you happen to act this way it could absolutely mess up any chances or opportunities you may have had. The second tip is first starting out with people you know, then expand to people they know, and eventually strangers. I feel it is best to start out with someone you do know, and are familiar with. It also gives you a chance to experiment on different techniques, and different ways to communicate without having someone thinking you aren’t prepared. The talking to strangers part should be a breeze when you get to this point in the whole process. You should definitely feel more prepared to ask questions about the company, and letting the person know you think what they are doing is awesome, and give great feedback also. I’ll skip to tip four now. Be aware you are gonna have good and bad days. There will be times when people don’t respond right away or don’t respond at all. You just have to realize that you will have that one amazing opportunity to speak with someone who just might be interested in actually taking the time to see what you have to say. Don’t give up just yet. Keep contacting different people. It will pay off. Now tip five, do some research on the industry, company, or career of your contact. You want to make sure you are prepared to have a great conversation with the person, and for them to feel like you actually took time on your own to learn more about what their company consist of. I think making a list of questions is a great idea to explore more of what the company does or is all about. Also ask for advice as well. Especially if they have been at this whole networking thing for awhile, I’m sure they have some great tips to help you along. I didn’t cover all the tips, but to me these are the ones that stuck the most out. I feel like they will be very useful. Good luck!!!!!!!


Week 1: Feelings on Blogging

This is my first official blog!!!!!! Yay!!!! Well my feelings about blogging are mostly fears on what people would think when they read what I have to say. I know it is my own opinion on certain things, but people will judge regardless. I am aware of that. Another fear of mine is people might take it offensively, or take what I say to a level it was not meant to be taken to. Regardless of my fears, I also like the idea of blogging. It is some place where I can express my thoughts and feelings. It also seems like it would be a great stress reliever. You know just where if something happen to be bothering me at the time. I can just write and write till I feel better. Yeah, so these are some of my feelings about blogging.

Week 2: Will a tattoo hurt your chances of being hired?

Well I personally have tattoos, but you can’t see them. I feel if you have them and you go for an interview, I think you should cover them as much as possible just out of respect for that person. Nine chances out of ten it will help you to have a better chance of getting the position you are applying for. Also, you never know how a person feels about tattoos in their own opinion. I mean come on first impression is everything, especially if you are going for an interview. You really want that person to like the way you present yourself. That’s all it boils down too. I think if you have certain tattoos that relate to hate, violence, crime, or that has curse words it will definitely affect your chances of getting that job. You don’t want the person who is interviewing you to be afraid of you, and tattoos like that could make a person feel that way.