Week 2: Will a tattoo hurt your chances of being hired?

Well I personally have tattoos, but you can’t see them. I feel if you have them and you go for an interview, I think you should cover them as much as possible just out of respect for that person. Nine chances out of ten it will help you to have a better chance of getting the position you are applying for. Also, you never know how a person feels about tattoos in their own opinion. I mean come on first impression is everything, especially if you are going for an interview. You really want that person to like the way you present yourself. That’s all it boils down too. I think if you have certain tattoos that relate to hate, violence, crime, or that has curse words it will definitely affect your chances of getting that job. You don’t want the person who is interviewing you to be afraid of you, and tattoos like that could make a person feel that way.


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