Week 4: Are Resume Cover Letters Becoming Obsolete?

Hmmm… Cover letters?? Well I personally think that providing a cover letter with your resume is very important. For one it really shows that you took time out of your day to write one. I also think it shows what you have to offer an employer. It’s just a couple paragraphs based on how well you present yourself. No, I’m not talking about bragging, I’m talking about good qualities and skills that an employer feels would be an awesome attribute to their company. Some people may say ” well that’s just a waste of time”, but what if you get an employer who enjoys reading them, or one who feels this is the best way to consider anyone for a job, let alone an interview. Well in my opinion, you messed up big time by not presenting one with your resume, and there goes your chances of even being considered for whatever job you applied for. I know cover letters are not the most fun thing to write. It’s actually pretty boring haha, but you have to think positive more on the professional side, and how it makes you look to a future employer. So I think if you are even going to hand an employer a resume, you should definitely include a cover letter with it as well. I say it doubles your chances for a future job. Hmmm… Maybe even triples. You never know until you try it!


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