Week 5: Tips to Sell Yourself Effectively in an Interview

There are plenty of ways to sell yourself in an interview, but I’m gonna touch on a few great ideas on how to do just that. Well first off interviews can be full of emotions like nervousness, shyness, and a whole lot more. The first tip I wanna talk about is being prepared. Make sure you know more than enough about the company you are applying for. It makes you look like you have great knowledge, and of course you came ready to present yourself. Also make sure you have great confidence in the way you speak. The next tip is make the right first impression. Before you go to an interview, do whatever you need to do to make you feel better about yourself. If you lack self-esteem maybe you can write down all the positive things about yourself. Just whatever helps you feel better about yourself as how well you can present yourself in an interview. Nerves of course again have a lot to do with making a first impression. You could be doing things you might not notice in an interview, on the other hand, the person giving you the interview will notice exactly what you are doing. So practice with a friend, or a family member that way they can give you advice if you happen to be doing something obvious. The next tip I wanna talk about is be yourself, which is my personal favorite. Make sure you smile and even try to have a sense of humor. It shows the future employer what they would have to look forward to by seeing you everyday. I agree a friendly disposition can go a long way. Being calm and relaxed does let more of your personality to shine through, because you act more like yourself. That’s exactly what an employer wants in a candidate for a job position. Good luck!!!!


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